Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management in Boston throughout Massachusetts

Sometimes you need to pay for the most qualified leads. Siphon will make sure your dollars are spent efficiently on prospects who are most likely to become a customer.

Siphon offers various management programs for paid search campaigns (pay-per-click) that have helped clients gain leads and customers in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

Search engine marketing is not advertising. It’s guiding people in the right direction on the web at a price. You don’t need every person interested in the general product or service to visit your website, just those that are ready to buy or taking serious consideration in purchasing what you have to offer. Unlike search engine optimization, you benefit from decreasing the size of your funnel, thoughtfully deciding what to filter through and only paying for those highly qualified leads through specific messaging and landing pages designed to convert.

Using strategic keywords, ad placement, highly targeted landing pages and the daily care needed for your paid search campaign - Siphon will help you increase sales. Let us show you how to invest your dollars and bring people directly to what they’re already looking for.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create and manage a paid search campaign for you or improve upon an existing one.