Case Study - Daniel J. Guarino Insurance

Who they are?

The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency accommodates insurance needs for businesses and individuals throughout Massachusetts.

The challenge

The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency received only small volumes of traffic from prospective customers through organic search results. They also were unsuccessful in converting on leads from their paid search advertising efforts.

The solution

Siphon Marketing completely revised their search engine optimization strategy to focus on long-tail keywords that included geographic locations specific to their target market rather than general keywords such as “insurance agency”. We also cut down the number of keywords they were using on each page to concentrate on 1-2 keywords relevant to each page’s specific content while better informing both search engines and its users the content of each page by strategically placing keywords in other areas such as page titles, page descriptions, headlines and alternate text on images.

Siphon Marketing also revised The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency’s Google AdWords campaign to focus on keywords in line with users in a purchasing position, cutting out those that were merely seeking information and ensuring that those that clicked through to their website were interested and ready to receive a quote. We tested and re-tested various messaging that spoke to their insurance agencies strengths and enticed users to click-through with different offerings. We also re-designed the landing pages for the campaign, giving each visitor multiple options to get a quote or leave their contact information.

The results

By choosing to use longer keywords like “insurance agency Massachusetts” we were able to get The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency’s website on the first page of organic search results for many search terms due to reduced competition for those keywords. Furthermore, they were able to save time and money only speaking with prospective clients in the geographic area they service. Since these changes were put in place on March 15th, 2010 The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency has been found by over 700 keywords relevant to their business while increasing their overall traffic percentage from search engines from 40% to over 72%. Over this time period we also helped expose The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency website to over 84% new visitors.

The number of qualified leads attained through the paid search campaign grew by over 25% since taking over the campaign while increasing the number of online quotes filled out dramatically. The Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency now receives 10-15 online quotes on average per month directly related to their paid advertising efforts. Through an increased CTR (click-through-rate) and using keywords with a higher Quality Score we were also able to reduce the cost per lead while maintaining prime advertisement positioning in a highly competitive market.

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